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Established by Sharon Coleman in 1994, Coleman Construction Inc. brings over 25 years of industry expertise to every project. While our company's tenure spans a quarter-century, our management team boasts a collective experience of over 80 years in construction.

Coleman Construction has successfully executed a diverse array of projects, encompassing commercial, governmental, and institutional sectors. Our portfolio includes IDIQ contracts, roofing, general construction, design-builds, carpentry, electrical, mechanical, HVAC, plumbing, housing restorations, chemical-resistant flooring installations, landscaping, and concrete work.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services, from initial planning and budgeting to site selection, permitting, architectural design, and construction management. With our proficient staff and diverse in-house capabilities, we prioritize customer satisfaction, ensuring superior construction work that is safe, high-quality, timely, and within budget.

Beyond government contracts, our expertise extends to private construction projects, non-profit organization initiatives, tenant improvements, design-build ventures, and commercial construction endeavors.

For 25 years, Coleman Construction's philosophy has remained unwavering: deliver exceptional quality, on time, and within budget, consistently exceeding client expectations.


Over 25 years of industry expertise


Success Stories:

What Our Customers Say

“If I had to do this over 1000x, it would be Sharon. She was fabulous. We had a few bumps and bruises, but nothing that couldn’t be worked out, and she handled it all professionally.”


Bell CA

“Sharon and her team were awesome on our job. Very communicative, worked with us through small changes on the fly, and delivered a great product in the end.”


Los Angeles CA

'I'm so happy with Sharon and how well everything has gone. She and Angela are great with communicating and Julio the project manager has been amazing too. The work has all been at a high standard and everything looks really nice. It's the total opposite of my first experience with contractors. I would definitely hire them again.'


Los Angeles CA


We are a company, committed to becoming the contractor of choice, pursuing excellence through dedication, experience and disciplined employees with an ongoing passion to deliver quality, timely and profitable projects.

  • Work Ethic

  • Accountability

  • Dedication

  • Safety

  • Commitment

  • Optimism

  • Quality

  • Trust

  • Integrity

  • Measured Performance

  • Excellence

Our mission is to be a dynamic team, providing the highest quality construction services available.


We at Coleman believe that all injuries are preventable.

Guided by our Safety policies, our goal is an accident and injury-free workplace where injury prevention is everyone’s responsibility.

All personnel employed by Coleman are entitled to a safe, healthy and productive work environment. By staying focused on safety, we protect our workers, as well as offer peace of mind to their families by ensuring operational excellence. We regard safety as a visible demonstration of care and concern for our employees, our clients and the public.
Our Health and Safety Program is developed in the spirit of cooperation between management, supervisors and workers. We encourage all employees to make safety a daily priority. Our operations comply with Occupational Health and Safety regulations – but meeting regulatory requirements is just the beginning. By measuring, benchmarking and communicating our safety record, we strive to constantly improve our safety performance.
Employee training, involvement and commitment, along with management leadership and accountability make Coleman’s safety program a dynamic part of our business.
At Coleman we build safety.

The reputation of Coleman Construction Inc. for integrity and fair dealing is one of our most valuable and protected assets.

Coleman conducts its business in strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations and maintains a strong commitment to perform to the highest professional and ethical standards.  Coleman is a principal member of the Construction Industry Ethics & Compliance Initiative and has a full-time Ethics Officer.
Every Coleman employee is expected to perform his or her duties with the highest level of integrity. In an effort to promote honest and ethical conduct for all employees, Coleman has implemented Business Ethics Guidelines that address what is appropriate behavior and serves as a roadmap to help employees make ethical decisions.  The Guidelines address such topics as bids, proposals, and claims, as well as providing parameters for effectively managing business relationships with our customers, subcontractors and fellow employees.
Coleman’s reputation for business integrity is the result of a strong commitment to its core values of Integrity, Excellence, and Quality. 

We do what we say we will do and what is right—not what is most expedient.  At Coleman, ethics matter and compliance counts. 
Neither is optional.
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